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Inspection Failed

Inspection FailedThe Lindon City inspector just completed the final inspection for occupancy permit. The house did not pass. There were a number of minor electrical issues, a few plumbing issues, and the step under the island was still bare wood having not yet been skinned.

To be honest, I find a lot of the inspection process utter nonsense.

  • We had to cover dozens of network wiring boxes — at considerable time and expense — even though there is no electrical current running to them. When asked why, we were told, “We don’t want anyone sticking in their hand and getting cut or something.” Really? So does the city also prohibit knives and scissors?
  • We have to remove the chandelier above the tub — even though none of us can reach it while standing on tip toe. I suppose that’s to protect me from jumping up from a bubble bath, grabbing a step stool, climbing up naked, swinging from the chandelier, and falling (chandelier in tow) into the water and dying from electrocution. I’m so relieved that the government is protecting me!
  • We had to attach an extra Trex board along the entire length of both sides of the stringer on the deck staircase. This is to prevent us from getting our heads stuck under the banister as we walk up and down the stairs. But I can still get my head slammed in a door. Maybe we should rethink doors. They are such a potential hazard!
  • We have to skin the step under the island because bare plywood looks ugly and varnished cherry wood looks pretty. But you can have an unfinished basement with bare 2×4’s everywhere.
  • We can’t have dirt on the sidewalk, even though the landscaper is in the middle of the job. Because dirt is dirty and if you have dirt on the sidewalk while landscaping, it’s obvious you will always and forever have dirt all over you sidewalk. And that would be bad.
  • We have two showers that are waiting for custom glass doors. In the meantime, we have to purchase and install shower rods/curtains in these showers. This prevents us from flooding our new home. We are allowed to drive cars on busy freeways, but we can’t be left to our own devices to determine whether or not turning on a faucet will cause a mess in the bathroom.

The problematic items are being corrected as I write. The inspector says he is totally booked tomorrow but will try to squeeze us in. With my little boy’s birthday coming on Sunday, I sincerely hope he can make the time to get us, finally, on our way.

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  • Laura October 14, 2010, 9:55 pm

    How disappointing. I hope you get it passed soon.

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