Todd FratzelIf you're looking for great advice from a home construction expert, look no further than Todd Fratzel of the Home Construction & Improvement blog. Todd is the principal engineer for a large design-build firm and his expertise is oozing from his posts. He writes voraciously — at least compared to most bloggers who have non-blogger full-time jobs. And his posts are detailed and well-written. If you have seen his insightful comments on one of my blogs, you have an idea of what he has to offer.

In addition to that, he's a genuinely nice and very helpful guy. Seriously, I've been reading his blog for months. Ask him a question in the comments of a blog post, and you're pretty sure to get a response in a short time.

He also runs lots of contest. As in free stuff for homeowners. Currently he's offering a free Delta touch-activated faucet to the winner of his latest contest. To enter, just post a comment (include your email address!) on this thread. Simple!

Good luck! Please let me know if you win!