Ahhh. I love a good old comfy paradigm, don ?t you? The way it just slips right over your shoulders, warming the cockles of your heart, sending waves of familiarity and validation up to your brain. It ?s like a big ol ? mug of hot chocolate with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream floating around in it. Ohhhh yeah. I love me my comfy paradigms.

On the other hand, I hate it when they shift. At least initially. It ?s like someone taking that lovely cuppa cocoa, throwing an ice cube into it, and dribbling it all down the front of my new white all-purpose tee shirt. Hate it when people do that. And do that people do. That ?s why I have a closet full of unwearable stained white shirts. I go in there sometimes and remember with fondness the days that I thought everything was a clean shirt and warm cocoa that never left its cup.

So. I have some bones to pick with a few of the cocoa-dribbling-white-shirt-ruining-paradigm-shifters in my life. Yeah, I ?m talking to you, guy who I had decided was a tad inflexible. Instructor who I thought I could never please. Person who would never work with me. Why ?d you go and pull the marshmallows out of my imbibement by offering to help me out of a difficult situation in such a way that would never benefit you, only me? Now my cocoa doesn ?t tickle my tongue. But then, it ?s not so overly sweet anymore either, so maybe that ?s a good thing.

And how about you, person I was pretty sure hated me, but then turned around and invited me to participate in a program you ?d put together, doing nothing but appreciating my meager efforts all along the way? What did I ever do to deserve your kindness? You splattered cocoa on my shirt. Never mind that you volunteered to launder it but ended up replacing it in the end. Sheesh.

And finally (oh yeah, you knew it would come to this) you several of you in fact who I was quite sure were just in it for the money. How could you think of giving me great deals, or even not charging me at all, once you learned about my financial situation? Huh? What about YOU? I was doing fine with my warm little paradigm and my clean shirt and my hot drink and my safe cocoon of judgment um, er, I mean, clarity. Yeah. That ?s what it is. Clarity.


Okay, I give.

I ?m switching to lemonade.

And I ?m seriously looking into plaid. Or paisley. Something that won ?t show the dribbles.