Granite RemnantsIf you're looking for gorgeous granite countertops, but looking to keep the granite costs down, I have just the thing for discount granite countertops: granite remnants.

On our first house, the granite fabricator required us to purchase entire slabs of granite. When the granite island was completed, the leftover granite was paid for whether we could use it or not. We ended up doing both the “camera den” and the guest bathroom in granite to avoid waste.

These days, many larger granite fabricators charge for granite by the foot, with prices determined by the grade of granite being used. Partial slabs and leftover granite and then sent to the “bone yard” or remnant storage. The granite remnants are then sold at a discount.

For the perimeter kitchen countertops and island countertop, we selected slabs from Adamas Stone. (Francesca  Pucci and Santini Andrea were so helpful and great to work with!) But for all the other granite countertops in our home, we used granite remnants.

Because Premier is a very large operation, they have a corresponding remnant yard that is full of amazing pieces of granite and quartz. The reward for taking a little extra time to find pieces you like — that are large enough to fit your application — is drop-dead gorgeous granite countertops at a rock-bottom price. No pun intended.

With the help of our representative, Gary Facer, we found some very nice pieces that look stunning in our home. More about Premier and Gary — and lots of great images of our granite countertops — coming soon. But in the meantime, if you're in the market for granite or quartz countertops, check out the granite remnant yard at your fabricator's shop. You and your wallet with be thrilled.