Master Bath Granite CountertopsThis post is far too late — as are a number of other posts reporting on the final steps of the build of our home. Our months-late move in was preceded by our daughter's engagement — both of which left us with too much to do and too little time. To top it off I was waiting for the cabinet maker to finish the job before taking pictures of the counter areas. Given that we moved in eight months ago — and the cabinets are still not done (oh, yes, you'll hear about that), I finally decided Premier Marble and Granite deserved there day in the sun in spite of cabinet imperfections.

First, before I say anything else, let me say this: if you live remotely close to Lindon, Utah, and you need marble or granite, don't bother looking anywhere else for your custom counters. Just don't. I did the endless hours of research. I did the back and forth. I had spreadsheets and comparisons and bargaining discussions until everyone was beyond annoyed. Gary Facer was ideal to work with — responsive, helpful, punctual, professional — and Premier M&G did an absolutely stunning, stellar job. The counters not only look gorgeous, but we got a fabulous price and two amazing one-of-a-kind-in-Utah (for now) features.

Guest Bath Granite Countertops

There are many types of countertop surfaces to choose from. And if you followed our countertop bidding process you know that we changed our minds several times on what to use. But when we finally selected Premier Marble and Granite as the countertop fabricators, the fun began.

Granite Selection

We chose the two different granite slabs for the kitchen at Adamas Stone in Salt Lake City. This family owned company has an extensive selection and they are very friendly and helpful. (Even gave us some authentic local Italian restaurant recommendations!) They pulled more than one slab out of the warehouse, with a crane, into the sunlight so we could see the true colors.

Every other piece of granite in our home was from Premier's granite remnant lot. Because they do so many counters, they have a huge selection of smaller pieces. You can get some very expensive pieces for a steal!

Special Granite Features

Integrated Granite Drainboard

Integrated Granite DrainboardI really, really, really wanted an integrated drainboard. In spite of having a dishwasher and two dish drawers in our kitchen, we almost always have dish overflow. Either we still have too many dishes to load or a dish is too large or there's something that needs to be hand washed. But I really hate the look of a dish drainer sitting on the counter.

I wanted the integrated drain board so much — and detest seams enough — that I almost went with a solid surface countertop for the perimeter counters in order to get it.

Then I saw a photo of an integrated drainboard in granite in a home design magazine! I was smitten. The function and look I wanted together. Unfortunately, no on in Utah had the functionality needed to create it. Except Premier.

Doing intricate granite work requires a CNC router, something only larger stone shops have. And this kind of feature requires special tooling. Now, Premier had never fabricated a stone drainboard, but given their equipment (go on a tour of their facility, it's awesome!) and expertise, they knew they could do it.

The obtained the needed tooling, helped us with a very specific design, and then used a remnant to create a test drainboard for us to see and modify. The raised drainboard area is slightly lower than the rest of the countertop. The drainboard features grooves in the granite that are precisely sloped from top-center, around the curve and down to pull water into the undermounnt sink.

The result is beautiful and so handy. Almost everyone who comes in the kitchen wants to know how we had it done. Like I said, call Premier. They come through on special requests — even if no one else west of the Mississippi can!

KItchen Sink Granite Drainboard

Long Granite Island Detail

Our island is 11 feet long. That's a freakishly long island. And it presented a problem for granite fabricators because granite slabs aren't that long. Did I mention I hate seams? Having a big old gaping seam across the middle of the island just wasn't going to but it. Another fabricator we spoke to (hat top to TL Custom Countertops) gave us the idea of using two matching pieces of granite for the island, connecting them with an inlay of a contrasting piece of granite.

We discussed this idea with Gary and he concurred with the idea. We used the perimeter counter granite for the inlay. Instead of having an “accident” in the middle of the island, we had a feature.

Long Granite Kitchen Island

Below I'll list the granite we selected for the various areas.

Granite Selections

Kitchen Countertops

Perimeter Counters

Angola Black

Island Counters

Mascarello Light with Angola Black inset

Kitchenette Countertops

Silver Persa

Bathroom Countertops

Master Bathroom Countertop

Silver Persa

Guest Bathroom Countertop

Silver Persa

Cabana Bathroom Countertop

Can't recall?

Office Countertops

Silver Persa

Custom Granite Countertops

If you're looking for custom granite countertops in Utah, please give Premier Marble and Granite a call. Of all the subcontractors we used on the custom home build, they are included on our  very short “we'll never use anyone else” list. Professional, fair, responsive, and we have exactly the counters we dreamed of. Tell Gary Facer I sent you.