Exterior FloodlightsWe are party people. We love to entertain, especially by hosting dozens of teens. That works best for us if the party can spill out into a great backyard. To make that more feasible — and to make the fun last longer — it's imperative to have a way to light up your yard.

We selected some high-powered lighting that can bathe our yard in light, without making the neighbors crazy. It's called “friendly lighting” because it's strong but very direct. The lights have a hood that reduces “light trespass” significantly.

We have installed RAB HID EZ Flood Floodlights that can illuminate both the backyard and the basketball court. The white color blends in with the soffit and facia so they aren't overwhelming. (The lights are available in other colors, as well.) They have a long life lamp and have a die cast aluminum housing.

If you're looking to bring some light to your yard, check out these quality floodlights.

Party on, dude!