InsulationThe city of Lindon requires—among a billion other things—a model energy code compliance report to prove, I suppose, that your model energy code is complaint with whatever Lindon officials have deemed necessary to comply with in regards to the energy code.

So, obviously, I have no idea what the heck this is or why we had to do it. Apparently it has something to do with energy efficiency and the home insulation and HVAC systems. Seems the city wants to make sure that your insulation is adequate and your heaters up to snuff. They don't want your construction project to suck up all the energy on the planet.

An HVAC guy kindly went through our plans and figured R-values and U-factors and UAs. Further confirmation that it involves use of energy. Unless I'm an idiot. Which is entirely possible.

We are trying to build a very energy efficient home. We'd rather put the money into the home materials — making it durable and comfortable — rather than into paying monthly utility bills. The banks don't give us any credit for that in constructing the mortgage, but our wallets will.

Anyway, the maximum allowed UA is 775. Ours is 617. The report says our plan is 20.4% better than code. We were told it's the best rating he's ever seen.

So going with the words “better” and “best”—two words actually in my current vocabulary—I'm taking that a a very good sign.