Packed Easy Lunchbox

In two hours my daughter, Alana, will be leaving to catch a 5:00 am bus to Idaho with her ballroom dance team for a competition. Performing tours are not cheap and food is another expense.

Since they'll be riding the bus for a number of hours, I packed up some food for the trip. I told you about our Easy Lunchboxes months ago, but after this exercise in meal packing I was so impressed, I had to take photos.

Using one of our Easy Lunchboxes, I packed away enough food for the entire first day of travel. (Read that: less restaurant money down the drain.)

In one lunch bag cooler, I packedΒ the following:

  • Food container #1 (breakfast): apple/maple oatmeal with vanilla yogurt; clementine; raisins
  • Food container #2 (lunch): whole wheat turkey cheese bagel; baby carrots; celery sticks with peanut butter; M&Ms
  • Extras: apple; banana; 2 yogurt containers; 3 cheese sticks; ice pack; spoons; napkins; note

All that in one cooler! Better food; less money. We use our Easy Lunchboxes all the time. Love them!

Easy Lunchbox Food