Delta Touch-Activated FaucetOur first dream home featured Delta faucets in all the bathrooms. After living there for five years, we did not have a single problem with any of them. We were very pleased with the quality and so they are certainly top-contenders for the bathroom fixtures in our new home.

I already purchased the perfect kitchen faucet. But Delta just came out with a new faucet for home use that is touch activated and worth looking over. It is the Delta 980T Pilar with Touch20 technology. Having too much experience with the motion-activated faucets in many public restrooms, my first reaction was negative. But upon seeing the video below, I really like what they have to offer. Better than motion-activated, touch-activated is easier to control and more predictable.

The touch activation feature works on the temperature control handle and on the spout! You can use your hand or your wrist, so you don't have to touch the faucet when your hand are grimy — which is a frequent occurrence in the kitchen. That's a great sanitation and cleaning feature. (How many hours of your life have you spent cleaning dried cookie dough off your faucets?) The style is definitely updated and modern. It's a sleek, beautiful unit. It also has an auto shutoff feature, which might be both a pro and a con. It appears to be on a timer, so if you do want to keep the water running at length, you'll have to keep turning it back on.

My biggest complaint about the Delta Touch-Activated Faucet is that I greatly prefer to have a single hole in the counter. It looks less cluttered and means only cleaning around one unit.

When you are looking for your next kitchen faucet, put the Delta 980T on your list. If these features are a good fit for you, you'll have a very convenient, quality faucet for years to come.

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