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Day 36: I Hate Mondays

Just looking at the exercise for Monday was another killer. But since it was a circuit workout (my favorite and the quickest) and I could “legally” drop down to eight reps, it wasn’t so bad. Since I’d already done my run at the hotel, it was all good.

Have slacked a bit in the water department due to wanting to be able to sit through a meeting without being excused. Will try to resume better habits this week.

Also am trying to turn over a new leaf in the sleep department. I’ve been an insomniac, I’m told, since birth. Can never remember a time (including when I was two—I kid you not) when going to sleep was easy for me. But I did go to bed just after 11:00 last night and I was asleep before 11:30, which almost never happens unless I’ve just gotten out of major surgery and still trying to recover from anesthesia. So woke up before 7:30 this morning—before the alarm—without great pain and agonizing.

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