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Day 33: Feeling Brawny

No, there’s not some huge notable change—and no one is running up to me screeching, “Alison, you look amazing! What are you doing?” But I’m feeling a bit thinner and a bit stronger.

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  • Heather August 8, 2009, 1:18 pm

    Alison, there have been weeks where I am out of town and do not have time to sit down and plan every single meal. So I just comprimise by eating salads, subway, protein bars, crackers and cheese wedges, fresh veggies and so forth. Glamorous? no but I still feel really good and full of energy throughout the day instead of dragging my feet from boxed foods, take out etc. Yes, I’ll even eat chinese now and again. Also, I have learned through the years and from reading about metabloisms that some days and even weeks you can go through no weight loss and then the third week shed five pounds out of no where, It happened to me between weeks six and eight. I swear out of no where it just fell off. Yeah, I still have a long way to go and no I’m not as good with the exercise as you are but this is a process for me where I’m forming a habit with the food. I must say my food choices in everything I do now is so much better. It really is becoming habit in how I eat. I even had my latest blood work. Aka Phos before: 172 Aka Phos now: 110!!!!! (This deals with the liver)
    I’m with you that I do feel smaller and stronger but I’m sure I’ve got a much longer way to go than you. Througout the years of my muscles atrophing (SP?) and being in wheel chairs, I needed a good strength training….. everyone needs a good one like this.
    Don’t let the food discourage you. Just think of it as adding years to your life. Are you off sugar or do you eat any white flour? Sometimes that will spike your sugar levels and make you crave certain foods. Oh well, you probally do not wish to hear the ramblings of “mother says take your tonic” so just thought I’d peek in converse for a little support!

  • Alison Moore Smith August 11, 2009, 11:37 am

    Heather, I sure appreciate your input. I’m blogging in the vast unknown here and so it’s good to have one person join me!

    If you are connected to others in your same week, I’d love it if you’d invite them to join the forum. I set that up in hopes of getting just the stuff you’re posting here, support, info about what to expect, etc.

    The first book I know of that really addressed the idea of metabolic setpoint and how to speed up metabolism was first published in about 1981 and called How to Lower Your Fat Thermostat. It’s still a great start and explanation of lots of these principles.

    It’s basically high refined carb, high lean protein, low fat, no refined carb, high aerobic exercise, eat when you are hungry, etc.

    On that plan I found the same thing you describe. I stuck to it religiously for four weeks and gained two pounds. The next week I lost almost 12 pounds. I’m still hoping for the big drop.

    To answer your questions, no. I don’t eat sugar or any refined flour.

    Part of the problem, honestly, is that I’ve eaten that way for almost 30 years, so I don’t get the big benefit of change. Often starting to exercise and drastically changing what kinds of food you eat totally shocks your body and it drops weight. This diet is only mostly different in how the food is spread (I was doing three meals and three healthy snacks before) and the portions. The exercises are more strenuous in some ways, but I’m doing less aerobics.

    Anyway, I’m so glad you are doing so much better. I had no idea you’d been in a wheelchair. What a difference!

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