Modern Craftsman HomeWhenever we are building, we make it a habit to attend the Parade of Homes in both Utah and Salt Lake counties. I can't get enough of it. Sam was overdosed about three years back. But it was at the Parade that we made a remarkable discovery. Remarkable, at least, for custom home builders who are not students of architecture.

Over the years there were a few homes I was incredibly drawn to. Practically speaking, the floor plans didn't fit our needs at all. But I kept going back to them and loved them. Finally (duh!) I made the connection. All of them were craftsman-style homes.

Now up to that point, I didn't know a thing about different architectural styles and didn't know anything about bungalows or craftsman homes at all. But I did notice the similarities in the detail work. That was what I loved about all these homes. The look and feel. And it didn't take long to find a name for it.

Even more amazing was the fact that this look that I love has elements that Sam already decided to include in order to make the home energy efficient. A perfect match.

While we won't be looking for “pure craftsman,” it will be the main influence, as far as it serves our needs.