Commercial Grade at HomeFor almost a quarter of a century, we have used professional janitorial supplies to clean our home. The cost-per-use is so much better than typical store brands — and they clean remarkably better, as well. Window cleaner you buy from a grocery store, for example, is diluted for use. So you have just paid to have a small spray bottle of mostly water shipped across the country. Janitorial grade glass cleaner, on the other hand, comes in a large concentrated bottle. You supply the spray bottle (that you use again and again, for years) and the water from your tap. Like magic you have an entire bottle of quality cleaner for pennies.

About a decade ago, I connected the same idea to kitchen and home supplies. I was in a restaurant with the family when a busboy had an enormous dish cart mishap. Dishes and food flew. There was a great clattering of plates. But nothing broke. 

Instead of buying junky dishware to use everyday — with my gaggle of kids — only to replace it within a few months, I decided to put my money into hotel and restaurant quality supplies. They have utensils, dishes, flatware, and glassware made to look reasonably good and still endure regular abuse. Everyone can use heavy-duty food storage supplied and countertop canisters and crocks. And the prices are great. I found a very nice kitchen set that included two hand towels, a dish cloth, and a hot pad, all for $2.94!

You probably don't need a heated, rolling, service buffet in your home, but there may be other professional quality supplied that you would love. What about a crepe griddle, a high-quality microwave, or a fabulous outdoor grill? And doesn't everyone need a chocolate fountain? (Seriously!)

Have you ever wanted a hotel spa experience at home? Why not start with the incredibly luxurious, thick towels and robes that they best hotels use? (And while you're at it, throw in one of those wall-mounted hair dryers to save counter space!)

Do you need a safe, easy-to-assemble, portable crib for the grandkids to use when visiting or a quick fold-out bed for extra company? Think hotel quality sleeping areas — compact, easy to store, and comfortable.

If you'd rather spend a little more up front to high quality, durable products that will serve you for years to come, look at industrial and commercial grade items for your home. You can stretch your budget in so many different areas.