Choice in EducationThe US Department of Education commandeers roughly $63.7 billion in discretionary appropriations and $96.8 billion in discretionary funding from the federal budget. And this “is only a small part” of education spending, because education is “primarily a state and local responsibility.” source

While I'd argue that, constitutionally, it's entirely a “state and local responsibility” — and mostly a really narrow “local responsibility” (as in within the child's own home) — this entitlement isn't likely to end soon. As with all entitlements, once we become dependent on someone else to provide for us, we are ill-disposed to the idea of ever doing it for ourselves again.

With the education model we've set up, all this money is tied to the school districts. But if the purpose of the taxing and redistribution is really to give each child the opportunity for the best possible education (as opposed to enriching and empowering unions and administrators), the money should be tied to the students. It should be used by each child in the particular way best suited to him or her.

John Stossell has been on board the school choice movement for years. He's still spot on. He knows we're stupid in America and he has some sound ideas for improvement.

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