Guest Blog by: Sarah K.

Certified pool operators are pool owners and professionals who have undergone extensive training to properly and efficiently manage commercial swimming pools. After completing the CPO online training course and passing all exams, CPOs are educated and informed on state pool regulations and industry standards.

A Certified Pool Operator is proficient in:

  • Pool calculations and water chemistry: Thorough understanding of pool's square footage and volume; can accurately deposit chemicals and bather load; expertise on saturation index, breakpoint subchlorination and chemical adjustment
  • Filtration systems and recirculations: Efficiently takes care of various filters, filter media and the recirculation system, which includes the pump, heater, chemical feeder and filter
  • Water sanitizing and testing: Maintaining proper water balance and frequency; expertly tests water, inspects pool and makes economical improvements
  • Trouble shooting: Recognizes and repairs common pool problems such as pH levels, algae and murky water

Safely, healthily and efficiently managing a swimming pool requires facility renovations when needed and employing superior staff and personnel. As a pool specialist, CPOs are able to keep spas, hot tubs and hot water chemistry safe, as well as follow recommended energy conservation practices.

CPOs identifies and resolves potential issues and hazardous conditions, which prevent serious injury and accidents. They provide a safe and secure environment for patrons to enjoy. If an unexpected emergency occurs, trained CPOs can properly respond. Owning a swimming pool is a responsibility. When you become a CPO, you can carry out that responsibility in accordance with the correct procedures and regulations.