Caffeine Debate is OverEven if Romney doesn't win the election (Go Mitt!!!), the church will have at least one enormous positive come from the scrutiny of the Mormon Moment.

About 30 years too late to save me from endless inane debates with people who love to ride “gospel hobby horses” (a Boyd K. Packer term), the church has finally come out with a statement that declares the obvious.

Peggy Fletcher Stack wrote a great rundown of this epic Mormon history bit:

OK, Mormons, drink up — Coke and Pepsi are OK

My only beef is the freakishly lame spin by Carrie Jenkins, BYU spokeswoman. When asked why church schools don't offer non-coffee/tea caffeinated beverages, she said that it's  “…not a university or church decision, but made by dining services, based on what our customers want.”


Apparently in her 20+ years speaking for all things BYU, she has never once looked in a faculty file drawer, department refrigerator, or cup and has also managed to avoid seeing the throngs of folks at convenience stores two feet off campus refilling their 64 ounce jugs with Mountain Dew.

Time to get out more, Ms. Jenkins.