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There isn't a single bulb flower I don't love. Because my dad served a three-year religious mission to Holland when he was young — and my husband and I returned 50 years later to celebrate our 15th anniversary — I have a special affinity for tulips. My next favorites are dahlias and daffodils. Then hyacinthus. And I love freesia and crocus, too.

Have you ever seen a row of allium running down a walkway? Gorgeous!

My little uncovered patch in front of the porch is going to be the home for my spring bulb garden. I can't wait to plant it next fall. And I can't wait to cut armloads of blossoms to put all over the house. Nothing beautifies a home like fresh flowers.

To help you plan out your bulb garden, use the Garden Guru Tool (you can find it on the lower left side of the Curbside Chaos site). Just follow these steps:

  1. Select your country (US or Canada)
  2. Choose your garden zone
  3. Select the flower you want to grow
  4. Get your planting guide

The best thing about bulbs is that they are easy, easy, easy to grown. You don't have to be a master gardener to grow them (or even a green thumb)! You dig a little hole, drop in a bulb, cover it up. Then wait until spring. You can visit to learn more about the varieties of bulbs available as well as planting tips.

The site is presented by three fictitious women. If I have to identify with one, I suppose it would be Marcy (“the super mom”). I'm not a June Cleaver-ish baker with clothing that matches my dining chairs and mixing bowls, but I am a mom. The other two — who are these women? Juliana (“the fashionista”) — do you know anyone who carries around a miniature dog all day and wants to know about planting anything? Won't that dirty her nails? Evelyn (“the empty nester”) — I know lots of empty nesters, but they spend their time working and volunteering, not lounging in a silk robe and curlers, waiting for their mahjongnbsp;dates.

Anyway, if you can use $5,000 for a yard makeover — and who can't — hop on over to Curbside Chaos . All you need to do is submit a photo of your yard to enter. The winner will get the makeover and a visit from Taniya Nayak, who will give you personal yard update tips — including how to incorporate bulbs into your landscape.

Every time you share the contest on Twitter, “Bulbs. Dig. Drop. Done.” will donate a dollar to Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit that preserves affordable homeownership and revitalizes communities.

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