There are some things that I just can't abide. I am incredibly susceptible to the uncanny valley — a phenomenon where things that look almost real — but not quite close enough — cause revulsion. With me, it's not just human replicas (and photoshops of Paula Deen), but any replicas.

There is a cell phone tower in Provo that I have to pass fairly frequently. Cell phone towers don't bother me, but this one is a fake pine tree. And it gives me the willies. (It looks something like this. There are equally nauseating palm tree versions.)

The worst offender I've seen, is the oversized replica of the great World War II photo of the sailor and the nurse kissing, titled  V-J Day in Times Square. The statue is so revolting to me that I am sitting here stalling, anticipating having to see it, just to create a link. It literally makes my skin crawl.

I finally copied the link to Unconditional Surrender. And I did it by covering up the photo with one hand while manipulating the mouse with the other. Ack!

So what does this have to do with Boy Scouts? As if I didn't have enough to bug me about Boy Scouts this week, a reader pointed out this Boys Scouts campaign.

I have no idea what the point is, but I can tell you I can't look at that poster for more than a couple of seconds without reaching for the airsickness bag.