Best Floss PicksWhile I never intended to write about oral health, I just have to tell you about a product we found last week. Until a few years ago, I'd always been a floss purist. We used regular floss that you pull from a roll. Our dentist introduced us to floss picks a few years ago, suggesting they would help my young son floss on his own. We picked some up that day and pretty soon the entire family (minus the retainer-wearers, who have to use regular floss with a threader) was converted because the picks are so easy to use.

Last week Sam came home with a new brand, Plackers Twin-Line Advanced Cleaning floss picks. Really, how “advanced” can a floss pick be? But the simple addition of a second thread of floss — very slightly spaced from the first — really is enough to make these picks far more effective.

Not to get too graphic, but the picks really do get an amazing amount of gunk from between your teeth, much more than any other brand we've used. They were good enough that two of my kids, independently and unsolicited, told me they like these floss picks better than the other ones.

So, there you have it. My first — and likely last — review of a flossing product. This is just such a superior product that I wanted to share.