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Bedroom Decor Details

Bedroom Decor DetailsWe’ve spent the past 11 months decorating our new home. And we aren’t close to being finished. The task just seems to go on and on. Long before we started building the home, I started looking for fun ways to decorate, watched for the best prices, and started stockpiling home decor. In spite of that, we still have much more to do.

One of the projects on the top of my list is to get bed skirts in all the bedrooms. It’s a great way to add some style to a bedroom — as well as hide anything you might be storing under the beds.

Most of the bedding sets came with a bed skirt, but not all. Monica’s bright green and pink bedroom is still waiting on the finishing touches. We purchased a solid bed skirt in white for her room and will be adding giant rickrack all around for a fun punch of color.

While you’re adding function and style to your bedrooms, remember these simple tips:

  • Include a chair in every room for comfort.
  • A small hamper in every closet makes clean up more likely.
  • Ceiling fans give everyone the ability to regulate temperature in their rooms.
  • Headboards that are padded and/or sloped make it comfortable to sit in bed.
  • Always use mattress covers — they protect your mattresses and adds a bit of cushion.
  • Hooks make convenient storage for robes, pajamas, purses, etc.
  • Satin pillowcases are cool, luxurious, and affordable.
  • Throw pillows are in inexpensive way to add color and a sense of opulence.

When planning and decorating your bedrooms, give a little extra thought to comfort, usability, and style.

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