Backyard Pool SafetyWhen we began the search for our first home in 1992, it was with the condition that there be no swimming pool. That might not seem like a hard constraint to meet in most areas, but in south Florida it was. With two little girls in our family, I just didn't feel comfortable with the risk presented by a pool.

When I was pregnant with Monica, our fourth daughter, we had two businesses being run from home. With less than 1,500 square feet in our Boca Raton home, it was definitely time to expand. But as soon as we began looking, the drowning nightmares began. A pool was still out of the question.

Now that our youngest is almost eight, and advancing nicely through his Red Cross swimming lessons, we are considering adding a pool to our backyard play area. It won't happen for  a few more years, but as we plan the backyard, we have marked out the perfect spot.

No matter how old our kids are, you won't find a pool in our yard without proper precautions. We haven't researched any city regulations or safety information yet, but I have seen an array of pool fences, pool alarms, and safety pool covers. A good friend of ours has a motorized pool cover that completely seals the water in — and it's strong enough for a car to drive on top of it. That's a pool I can live with.