[Note: Ryan & Teri Schwab, Anna's parents, have said that some of the reports I read before writing this post are erroneous. I have no reason to dispute their statements. Please read the comments to read their full position.]

Anna Schwab, a girl from Orcutt, California, aced the SAT in December, with a 12 on her SAT essay.

Not bad. Did I mention, she is 13 years old?

Overall, she got 2190 out of 2400.

Not bad. Did I mention, she is 13 years old?

Let's not ignore he older sister who also got a perfect score on the essay last year. Did I mention, she was 13 years old?

How did these homeschoolers accomplish it? Well, honestly, by not acting much like regular homeschoolers. (Is that a contradiction in terms?)

The sisters (who were likely pretty bright to start with (read that “profoundly-gifted-but-not-as-great-as-Alison's-kids”)) reportedly took two years off from the regular schooling to study up for the SAT at home. They used AP biology, chemistry, and US history texts, counseling from a “young scholar” program, and online courses for gifted student from Stanford.

I don't know what this proves either about homeschooling or standardized tests but now you have the formula. The Anna Shwab Homeschooling Method. Let us know how it works out for you.