So, you've got a fabulous spice rack in your kitchen. But did you ever think of alternate uses for the clever, stylish inventions?

Alternative Storage Spic Racks

Home Office Storage

A wall spice rack is perfect for convenient storage for small office supplies. Use them to keep tacks, paper clips, rubber bands, and all sorts of office essentials off the desk space, but still at your fingertips.

Workshop Storage

A sturdy spice rack, particularly one with an industrial feel, can work well to organize hardware bits and pieces. Nails, screws, bits, framing and hanging supplies, and other small items can find homes in spice rack containers.

Book Storage

Sturdy spice rack shelving can be mounted and used as book shelf storage. This is a great way to make books accessible and appealing to your children.

Craft & Sewing Storage

The containers in spice racks are just the right size to organize all those tiny crafting and sewing supplies. Beads, grommets, snaps, buttons, hooks and eyes, brads, eyelets — each can have it's own, sealed container. And when you need to use them, you choose just the pieces you need. The small shelving made for spice rack can also hold spools of thread or yarn.

 Toiletries Storage

A spice rack can hold all your favorite nail polishes and manicure/pedicure supplies in one place. It can also be used as a great makeup station.

Creative Storage

When you're getting things organized, try repurposing various products and containers. It is a great way to save money while finding the perfect sizes to manage your things.