Abolish the IRSFor the past 16 years I've been the accountant for our engineering company. That explains why I get crazy angry and show signs of battle fatigue and hair loss once per quarter — on approximately January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 of every, single, solitary year.

The certified idiots public servants who have defined our tax code need to be educated. Each one needs to take — and pass with flying colors — the most stringent tax preparer exam that can be created.

While it's laughable that the United States Secretary of the Treasury, the chowderheaded honorable Timothy Geithner can't even get his personal taxes right — even while using the plug-and-chug TurboTax, it's sadly understandable.

Our tax code is a monstrosity. It's 71,684 pages of nonsense created specifically to allow each politician to bilk as much money as possible from people that do not vote for them, to give it to people that do vote for them. It's intended to hide and obfuscate who's paying and how much they are paying by making the verbiage obtuse and by breaking the payments up into a zillion tiny incremental amounts that (hopefully!) no one will make a stink about — because they are clueless about how much they are really paying.

As another tax day approaches, I can already feel the migraine coming on. Just read the IRS's own compliance estimates. The amount of time and money wasted every year complying with a code that no one has read and no one can understand is an enormous drain on our economy and productivity.

If we're smart — and honest — we'll do away with this nonsense and put in place a simple, understandable tax code that is ethically transparent to those paying the bill. In the mean time, I'll be watching for members of congress to line up for the IRS exam.