Backyard Wish ListI realize I stil haven't completed my final post on the landscape. With the end of summer and the cooler weather closing in, we're trying to wrap up all the final issues, replace plants that didn't survive the year (or the deer!) and get everything ready to sleep for the winter. We love the yard for three main reasons:

  • Beauty – we got all the elements we specified and a gorgeous layout
  • Function – the yard has areas for doing all the things we need
  • Ease of maintenance – with the exception of one area that needs to be fixed, the yard is incredibly easy to take care of

With the basic yard growing beautifully, we have a few things we are planning to add next year. The planned projects include:

  1. Plan and plant a perennial garden by the front porch. We left only one are in the yard open, meaning not covered with weed barrier and large gravel. This is the only area that will require much weeding and I intend to make this a lush, colorful garden full of flowers.
  2. Add a trellis next to the patio for the climbing vines to attach to. This will give us a shaded screen of green on the western patio and, eventually, the deck.
  3. Install square foot garden boxes. We have the perfect area for our garden, but didn't have time to get it all ready for growing season. Next year, we'd like to get some fresh vegetables from our own garden.
  4.  Beautiful paving stone will be used to create a fire pit and seating area. My pyromaniac kids are anticipating this even more than we are.
  5. Professional landscape lighting installation is high on the list of to dos. While it's not essential for function, it makes an amazing difference in the finished look of a yard.

While we won't mind a few months without mowing and weeding, we look forward to having or extended backyard home once again next spring. With these additions, it will be even better.

What plans do you have for your yard in 2012?