100 Day Challenge: Flip the SwitchThe “law of attraction” is bogus. There is no “law” at all and the only thing really being “attracted” is money out of your account and into the pockets of the shysters. (Here's one discussion about The Secret from an LDS perspective.)

But there is one important, valid principle to be found in all the muck being peddled by these “secret” folks:

When you are aware of something and looking for it, you tend to see more of it. That's not because it's magically poofed into existence by your brain waves, but because you notice it more than you used to.

Case in point: you break up with your boyfriend and “suddenly everyone is in a relationship.” Of course, the universe doesn't align all possible couples together the moment you are “single” just to torture you. Rather, instead of walking around with head in the clouds and your eyes locked in a gaze with your loved one, you're actually looking around — and noticing those who have what you no longer do.

Just as easily, you can turn that focus to your advantage.

We need to flip the reticular activating switch. Focusing on your goals triggers you mental pilot light which, in turn, sends a powerful signal to your brain, “Wake up! Pay attention! Don't miss this detail!”

Once you write down a goal, your brain will be working overtime to see that you get it.

By clearly writing down your goals and focusing intently on them, you will find solutions you need and see opportunities all around that you would have missed otherwise.

To solve a problem or achieve an important goal, you must keep it at the top of your mind.

Today's challenge will give you the method to keep the focus where it needs to be to keep moving toward the life you dream of.

Join me in the 100 Day Challenge!