100 Day Challenge: Demonstrate LoyaltyOne of the saddest things in life is seeing women and men whose hearts are broken due to the infidelity of a spouse.

When I was a teenager I met a dashing couple. They were early middle-aged, with two teen children, and a replica of Barbie and Ken. He was a very handsome, intelligent, and successful businessman who'd been the mayor of his former city with a full head of perfect brown hair. She was slim and beautiful, with bleached blonde hair and not much to say. They lived in a gorgeous, immaculately decorated new home and drove expensive cars. Their children, one boy and one girl, looked equally as showcase-worthy.

But it wasn't long until I learned how they ended up in my neighborhood.

She was his secretary, married with two children. He was married with three of his own. And, well, they got a little too cozy. Two marriages were destroyed and the lives of five young children altered forever.

The absence of fidelity, loss of reputation, contaminated peace of mind and self-worth are punishments of disloyalty.

What is is about a night (or an afternoon…or ten minutes) in the sack that trump those things most important in life? I like sex as much as the next girl (or guy…seriously, I do), but the fact that through the centuries so much harm and evil and disloyalty has occurred over sexual relations should make us stop and think. From presidents to petty criminals, why are we so coarse? Why do we allow our feelings to be our masters instead of our brains?

In our marriages, in our families, in our businesses, loyalty to people and principles is transformational.

Join me in the 100 Day Challenge!