100 Day Challenge: Personal DevelopmentNobody's perfect.

We've all heard it; we've all said it. While it's absolutely true, it's generally used as an excuse, as a negative term to explain failure.

Let's turn that notion on it's head.

The absence of perfection leaves the door wide open for ongoing improvement.

Lifelong learning is made possible by the fact that we always have some “polishing” to do. We can become a better child, sibling, spouse, parent, boss, employee, neighbor, or citizen. There can (and should) always be a goal to reach.

We've all known or heard of someone who endured great tragedy, debilitation, or trial and remained a positive, inspiring force. These people show us that circumstance is not a barrier to progress or self-mastery. We can all improve.

One of the tenets of my religion is that we are asked to fast for two meals once per month. (Generally this is done on the first Sunday.) While there are many ramifications of fasting, I have found on of the greatest benefits is that it teaches me to let the spirit rule the body.

The aim of personal development is self-mastery.

Personal development can help us in this quest, to have the power to do things we thnk are good rather than to act on those that just feel good. It can help us move forward from the person we are to the the person we want to be. It can prepare us mentally, spiritually, socially, financially, physically to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way.

Goal setting and this entire 100 Day Challenge should primary focus on one person: you! You should focus on becoming the best person you can possibly become, so that people and opportunities are attracted into your life.

Join me in the 100 Day Challenge!