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flood.comWith summer in full swing, we've been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to spruce up our yard. As I've told you, we went to great lengths to make it beautiful and easy to keep maintain. That's important to us. As we learned in the last house, the last thing we want to do is spend our free time weeding and hoeing and painting. It's just not our thing. As Sam said to me one day when we lived in “the mansion,” “Honey, wouldn't you rather be boating?”

The answer was a resounding, “Yes.” And that from a fair-skinned Celt who doesn't even much like being around water in sunny weather due to the frying factor.

In addition to our flower beds that are heavy on weed barrier and gravel, we made the home materials also very low maintenance. The structure is made of cement and stone and stucco and metal, with virutally nothing to maintain beyond keeping it in good repair.

The one exception is a wooden bench that combines the front porch railing with additional seating area. I's an ingenious design that gets an unusual amount of compliments. It is also the strongone/strong area that is already causing problems.

We stained the wood and covered it with multiple coats of protective finsih. In spite of that mdash; less than two years in the house mdash; we are noticing peeling in the area most exposed to sunlight.


Today I learned about a very old product that may well be the solution to our porch bench problem. Flood(R) Wood Care offers a line of exterior wood products that color and protect. (I'll be going for the Buckeye stain on the porch.) The company was founded by a family of painters in 1841. They started out with expertise and h ave stood the test of time, earning the title of “The Wood Care Specialists.”

Perhaps Flood® is the best solution for your project as well. Once I get this refurbishing project underway, I'll report my results.

In the meantime, be sure to enter the Flood® Take it Easy Sweepstakes. Click through, fill out the form. I just registered. It took about 37 seconds.

If you win, Flood® Wood Care will provide you with all the supplies and — here's the best part — labor to prep and stain your deck. Plus, they'll throw in $2,000 for a fabulous dream deck party.

Hopefully they'll stain my bench, since I don't have a deck. And I can spend even more time this summer boating.

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