Wedding Ceiling Lighting

One of the things we love about our wedding reception venue, is the movable ceiling grids. They can be decorated with lights, fabric, lanterns, or myriad combinations of things. Jessica really wanted to have a pretty ceiling decor package, and Noah's has a subcontractor they work with, but the cost is prohibitive.

Having married in 1985, I've been out of the looking-for-wedding-vendors mode for over 25 years. Just as we did when designing our own home, I always like to shop around and compare packages/prices before spending a significant amount of money. But where do you look for someone who specializes in wedding ceiling lighting?

After some trial and error in my search, I hit the jackpot in specialty holiday lighting. I found a company called Moon Light Holiday Lighting, whose main business model is setting up Christmas lighting. But over the past few years they have expanded their expertise into the off season by creating stunning wedding lighting!

I met with Nephi in the reception hall and went over design and pricing. There are two reasons we choose Moon Light to do our ceiling lighting package:

  1. Nephi was truly excited about the project. He's not just some guy who throws up lights. He is genuinely enthusiastic about what he creates. He came not only with pictures of past projects, but all sorts of ideas he wants to try in the future. He drew out some pictures and made great suggestions.
  2. He beat the price of Noah's recommended lighting source and gave us more than basic features in the package. Double benefit.

Nephi and his crew will be putting up draped fabric with strings of lights and round Chinese lanterns for the wedding reception. I can't wait to see the result! Of course we will have pictures and a full review after the big day.

If you're looking for wedding lighting, give your local Γƒβ€šΓ‚Β holiday lighting specialists a call. If you're looking for wedding lighting in Utah, call Moonlighting at 801.225.0198 and you'll get expertise along with passion for great lighting design.