Video games are sweeping the nation. I couldn ?t believe just how popular the new Nintendo system was this last Christmas. It reminds me of a few years back when I was at a store and a new video game had been released and a boy was hovering by the demo console in the store. When asked about this new game that was being demonstrated he said that he didn ?t get to play much at home because his older brother would come home from school and immediately play video games until he had to go to bed.

I ?m sure this example of these brothers isn ?t unique. Thousands of children, boys and girls, are addicted to not just video games but computer games too. And concerned moms are worried that this might not be good for their kids.

My family was recently made aware of a computer game called Timez Attack that was designed to play like a video game but drilled children with the 1-12 times tables. Yes it actually teaches something valuable besides kill, kill, kill!

Math is something American kids are lacking in standardized testing. Here is a great way to let your kid play a computer game, master his or her times tables, and still have fun at the same time. My own nephew mastered the math in only two days.

So, if you have allowed computer or video games in your house, but want your child to actually learn something in the process, this just might be the carrot to motivate your kids to learn their math.

This is an excellent tool for moms of homeschool or public school children. One mom who ordered Timez Attack reported: “This is the first time my son has said to me, ‘Mom, hurry up! I want to get home so I can do school!'”

And another mom wrote, that her sons, Noah and Eric really enjoy it. I am careful about selecting computer programs, and was originally concerned about the ?video-like ? feel of the game, as I am strongly opposed to video games that are not helpful to children. However, this does seem to be helpful in a creative way, educating my identical twin boys on basic multiplication facts, which is a necessary educational ingredient!”

Big Brianz has a video demonstration you can watch to see if Timez Attack is right for you.