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Saturday Morning Session

Russel M. Nelson

Welcome. A year for the record books.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Gerrit W. Gong

Half of adult members are single.

Saturday Afternoon Session

Jeffrey R. Holland

M. Russell Ballard

Sweet tribute to his wife.

Sense of belonging and how we can be surrounded by people but feel alone.

Thierry K. Mutombo

Harrowing experiences.

Neil L. Andersen

We each have a personal journey.

We love and honor the amazing women of this Church. With intelligence and wisdom, you bear the burdens of your family. You love. You serve. You sacrifice. You strengthen faith, minister to those in need and greatly contribute to society.

Neil L. Andersen

This past week I was having a discussion with someone about General Conference. They were requesting more stern direction for men and more caring messages for women. She went so far as to say that she wanted men to get the message to forget themselves and go to work. I'm not kidding.

If you're as old as I am, you remember that Hinckley gave a talk with that exact title.

My thought was that I have long wanted (and written about) the exact opposite. We get stroked all the freaking time. (Much as the quote above.) And men get a lot of shape-up-men talks. I would much, much, much rather have sound counsel than more patting on the head and verbal praise. I'm not a puppy. And I wish the church's policy would allow women to serve more fully rather than keep us in special boxes that are places on precious pedestals. I would rather have high expectations for women and the ability to serve to our full potential.

If you're going to come down on men, it should be about abuse and unrighteous dominion—particularly abuse perpetuated using church rhetoric and policy.

Dale G. Renlund

“Infuriating unfairness.”

For whatever reason, fairness has been foundationally important to me since I was very young.

Jorge T. Becerra

Sunday Morning Session

Ulisses Soares

Atoning sacrifice most significant event in history. Trust in Jesus Christ.

I hope that we are destined to return to live with our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. I wish this were acknowledged more often. Progress is slow. The female divine is a partner to the male.

Reyna I. Aberto

We can't enjoy joyful reunions without tearful separation. The only way to remove the pain of death is to remove the love of life.

S. Mark Palmer

Life continues after death.

I'm grateful for the talks about Christ, atonement, resurrection, and Easter generally.

Edward Dube

Follow the straight and narrow path. Take courage from Paul.

The story about Elder Holland's face patting was cute. Treating all the same.

José A. Teixeira

We have a divine heritage as Children of God. We will have a greater understanding of life's purpose by following Christ.

Family who lost all worldly possessions, found importance of eternal blessings.

Turn your life to the Savior.

We can return to live with them. We can return to live with our heavenly parents, not just Heavenly Father alone. Please include our Heavenly Mother. How can we, as a people, make such an issue about eternal marriage while leaving Heavenly Father alone?

Taniela B. Wakolo

Christ and the Father are one in purpose. As are couples who are united in purpose. Like…Heavenly Father and Mother?

Focus on what we can control, not on fears we cannot control. How does this impact what we worry about? Can we increase our circle of influence? How much do we try to do that as opposed to focusing on what we already influence?

“Spiritual surgery.”

Chi Hong (Sam) Wong

Build life on the rock of Jesus Christ. Prepare with the gospel of Christ.

Michael John U. Teh

The Holy Spirit will reveal the truth of all things to us.

I stand all amazed. That was one of my mom's favorite hymns.

Russel M. Nelson

Just note, every time I've seen a scan of the main room, President Nelson has been unmasked.

Illness, loss, isolation. I'll say that the government (and business and church) response has done far more lasting damage than the virus itself. That was easily predicted from well-documented research. I wish we had collectively recognized that.

Gospel message is filled with hope. Faith in Christ is the foundation.

We don't need perfect faith to have access to God's perfect power.

Start today to increase your faith. Christ will improve your ability to move the mountains in your life through increased faith.

It takes faith to…

Sunday Afternoon Session

Dallin H. Oaks

The Constitution. Been ages since I heard much about this. Much needed as our rights are being eroded by the day.

Moral agency. No man in bondage. Slavery is wrong. It is wrong for citizens to have no voice in who leads them, or in the laws they must made by.

We do not see inspiration in every supreme court decision. These things were inspired:

  1. Source of government power is the people.
  2. Division of delegation of power between federal and state government. Only powers specifically given to the feds are allowed by the feds.
  3. Cluster of vital guarantees of rights and limits of government authority. No religious test for public office.
  4. First amendment: freedoms of speech and press.
  5. Purpose of the Constitution. Governed by laws and not individuals. All persons equal before the law.

Liberty and self-government. Not a loyalty test or political slogan. Limits on government authority.

Be a conscientious citizen.

Ronald A. Rasand

Why seek ye the living among the dead. Because of Christ, there is a resurrection.

Miracles. What do you consider a miracle?

Honestly, I have a really hard time with these kinds of “miracles.” (Gene R. Cook often wrote and spoke of “miracles” about finding hats, wallets, keys, etc.) If we need a miracle and can pray for it, how about getting innocent children out of sexual slavery? How about getting women away from abusers?

I just have a hard time with God being willing to micromanage things that are niceties while allowing innocent people to be irreparably harmed and tortured.

I'm more aligned with this:

He will not always take his afflictions from you, but he will comfort and lead you with love through whatever storm you face.

Thomas S. Monson

Timothy J. Dyches

Holy Ghost greatest source of light.

Forgiveness, charity, kindness.

D. Todd Christofferson

Covenant path.

Do God's will and keep commandments. Don't make unforced errors.

Alan R. Walker

Searching in darkness, nations have wept.

Experiences being sealed in SL temple and being married in the Argentinian temple. Sealed to a daughter. Adopted?

David A. Bednar

Principles as guidelines. Help us look beyond our personal preferences and desires.

Covenants with God can remain intact as you let God prevail.

Russell M. Nelson

Temple regulations follow government. No matter how corrupt that is.

Keep Covid numbers down.

Obesity is the greatest comorbidity so that might be sound advice. Get fit. Eat healthy. Stop eating donuts. Maybe don't inject yourself with poisonous adjuvants. Just my thoughts.

20 new temples (typed as fast as I can, will correct later):

  • Oslo Norway
  • Brussels Belguim
  • Viena Austria
  • Ghana
  • Mozambique
  • Cape Town South africa
  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • Cali Colimbia
  • Mexica
  • Mexico
  • Helena Montana
  • Casper Wyoming
  • Grand junction Colorado
  • Farmington New Mexico
  • Burley Idaho
  • Eugene Oregon
  • Elko Nevada
  • Yorbalinda Califorina
  • Smithfield Utah