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Quorum of the 12

Gerrit W. Gong

Ulisses Soares

Young Women General Presidency

General President: Bonnie H. Cordon

First Counselor: Michelle Craig

Second Counselor: Becky Craven

Primary General Presidency

First Counselor: Lisa Harkness

Many Changes in 70s and Area 70s


No high priests groups. All priesthood holders meet together in Elder's Quorum on Sundays.


Why not just have a ward “Priesthood Quorum” rather than have an “Elder's Quorum” that is attended by elders and high priests?

Will older men be “promoted” to high priest or will this only occur if a calling necessitates?

No more home/visiting teaching. Ministering members.

Young women to be included!


Bonnie L. Oscarson


“As we consider the roles that our young women will be expected to assume in the near future, we might ask ourselves what kind of experiences we could provide for them now that will help with their preparation to be missionaries, gospel scholars, leaders in the church auxiliaries, temple workers, wives, mothers, mentors, examples and friends.”

Reyna I. Aburto

No contention among the people. They were united “because they knew the Lord personally.”

Massimo de Feo

Claudio D. Zivic

Taking the sacrament is the most important thing we do on the sabbath.

Henry B. Eyring

“I pray to feel something of what Mary felt at the tomb…”

Witnessed the prayers of prophets for people they love.

Dallin H. Oaks

Resurrection to “all mortal who lived upon this earth.”

He quoted someone about tiny daily decisions that accumulate toward a lifetime.

Be civil and cheerful in our personal interactions. Practice consistently and continuously.

Minor failures to follow righteous guidelines can draw us down.

Russell M. Nelson

Heavens are open.

“What will YOUR seeking open for YOU? … What do you feel an urgent need to know or understand?”

Question: what about just asking questions (about things you have prayed about) in a culture that vilifies it?

“Grow into the principle of revelation.”

“Does God really want to speak to you? YES!”

Come unto Christ.

Gerrit W. Gong

“…put off the natural man and woman”

Ulisses Soares

Russel M. Nelson

No more home teaching, visiting teaching. Members will minister to each other. Young Women to be included!

Jeffery R. Holland

Love one another.

Visit at home or elsewhere. No required lesson. Minister as needed, there are a variety of ways to serve.

Questions: loved the jokes about so many changes and heart problems (deferring to Dr. Nelson), but…is anyone really overwhelmed by the changes this conference? I kind of feel most of them are changes in verbiage without a ton of substantive difference with more autonomy. Ideas?

Jean B. Bingham

Described ways to minister other than the typical home visit. Mentioned online discussion.

“It looks like becoming part of someone's life and caring about him or her.”

Young women will minister “just as young men” have been for…ever. Thank you!

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

He asks the internet questions.

Align our lives with Jesus. Become his disciples.

Behold the man.

Most important day in history when Jesus Christ won the victory over death and sin. The day we learn to see Jesus for who he is, is the most important day in our own lives, when we commit to follow him.

Gérald Causseé

Minister as the savior. One at a time.

Are we active in the gospel or merely busy in the church?

We should be saving individuals rather than performing tasks or implementing programs.

Quentin L. Cook

Righteousness, unity, and equality before the Lord…

non-consensual immorality = moral and legal issue

consensual morality = moral issue

Pornography and objectification of women

United and equal before God. He assumes temple experiences are like his. “Equality and unity permeate the temple.”

“The faithful, core membership of the church has never been stronger.”


How does our cultural modification of “modesty” to mostly refer to how much skin women cover with clothing contribute to objectification of women?

Was his non-consensual immorality bit the official conference response to Joseph Bishop?

Do “equality and unity permeate the temple” as he says?

Does he define what he means by “equality and unity before the Lord”?

Russell M. Nelson

Let us all press on.

Lots of quoting hymns today.

New era of ministering.

We invite all of God's children on both sides of the veil…

  • Salta Argentina
  • Bengaluru India
  • Managua Nicarágua
  • Cagayan de Oro Phillipines
  • Layton Utah
  • Richmond Virginia
  • Russia – TBD