We love General Conference so much around here. I wish we had in quarterly or more. I've had personal witness about how acting on prophetic and authoritative counsel can change our lives. But in spite of the fact that we look forward to it with great anticipation and make plans for a great General Conference experience, it can too easily come and go without  being as impactful as it should be.

General Conference Roundup

For the Family Home Evening after General Conference, we like to have something of a family conference roundup. It's simple to implement, but helps make the entire experience more meaningful by helping us focus on taking action with the counsel we receive.


As you watch conference ask each family member to look for a personal action plan. By this I mean to look for some counsel that they know will be helpful and can be acted upon. Ask each person to take a few notes on the speaker and topic so they can share their insights with the rest of the family.



Primary Songs



Let each family member share a favorite General Conference talk and tell how they can use the counsel to take positive action to become more Christlike in their lives.

How does your family implement the teachings from General Conference?