Fasting is not my children's favorite word. To be honest, it isn't mine either. But about 15 years ago — when our kids were really struggling with trying to fast — we had this family home evening lesson.

Simple FHE Ideas Fasting

Remembering all the benefits of fasting (particularly when our stomachs are growling out the drawbacks) can help us remain steadfast in our commitment.



Primary Songs


Look for benefits of fasting while you read the following:


Watch this video clip together.


Get a large piece of butcher paper or a flip chart that everyone can see. Divide the paper in half.

Ask everyone to name the negative things about fasting. Write them on one side of the paper. (This may include: being hungry; getting a headache; etc.)

Ask everyone to name the positive things about fasting. Write them on the other side of the paper. Remind them of the scriptures you've already read. (This may include: spiritual power; spirit of revelation; able to teach the gospel; testimony; self-mastery; humility; salvation; obedience; etc.)

Compare the two sides and talk about the benefits versus the drawbacks.

What would you ask your children about fasting? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

Other Resources

Here is a great printable about fasting. Just click on the Pinterest  image and it will take you to the site. Scroll down, click to enlarge, and save it to your computer for printing. (Sorry, they don't give a clean way to view the image.)