A friend once told me, “Three moves are as good as a fire.” Having just moved, I can attest to the benefit of massive purging. One such benefit came in the form of the discovery of some lost notes.

Whenever humanly possible, I attend Education Week at BYU. Years ago, when we lived in Florida probably in the late 90's I attended a class that had three overflows. It was given my Kenneth Godfrey and titled, “Plural Marriage.” Now, I suspect, you understand the overflow situation.

I wrote down some interesting stuff, but there was one quote that I've been looking for ever since. Godfrey repeated it again and again because everyone wanted the specific wording. It was almost comical, but at least a testament to me that I'm not the only crazy person in the church. The quote is from a letter from the First Presidency to Brother Godfrey (and, presumably, to some other CES-type folk) to correct misinformation perpetuated (not without authoritative backup, mind you) by seminary teachers. The letter said:

There is no truth to the statement that you must practice or accept plural marriage to remain in the highest degree of the celestial kingdom.

I feel better already.