Party TentWhen we planned the Mormon wedding for our daughter, we selected an indoor venue with access to a garden area. Given the volatility of April weather — especially in this odd weather cycle — it was a good idea. We had gorgeous, slightly cool weather on her wedding day, but one day earlier, it snowed!

Last month our neighbor held a wedding reception in their backyard. They have a gorgeous yard — but a thunderstorm made the event less than perfect.

If you're planning an outdoor event and don't have a convenient location to use in inclement weather, party tents are a cost-effective way to make your venue almost weather proof.

You can get party tents and canopies in many sizes and colors. You can even get them enclosed with walls, windows, and/or screens to keep an outdoor event private, shaded, and dry.

When you save the date for your outdoor even, reserve a party tent. Whatever the weather, the party must go on!