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If you think cleaning windows is horrendous nightmare, I have the most amazing window cleaning solution to save your sanity!

No Squeegee Window Cleaner

When I decided — contrary to everything I had planned — to become a stay-at-home mom 27 years ago,  I knew that the only way it would work for me was if I took it seriously, saw myself as a professional, and approached home management in a systematic, efficiency-minded way.

With that in mind, I started using janitorial supplies to clean my house back in the 80s, when Sam was still in grad school. Not only were they actually cheaper in the long run, but they worked better. Proper tools and systems (such as Jeff Campbell's speed cleaning system) made housework thorough and efficient.

It was during this time that I purchased my first squeegee. Not just some flimsy old automobile type, but a genuine brass Ettore Steccone squeegee. And not just that, I also got an old school Ettore “golden glove” window scrubber (they aren't golden anymore, they are even better). Later when we moved to multi-story dwellings, I added an extension pole to the mix.

Here's the kicker. I still have the same ones today, nearly three decades and multiple moves later. (The scrubber is in the picture.) It wasn't the brand I was going for, it was the quality.

Having professional quality equipment saved tons of time and money for us over the years. It was still tedious, but possible to get a good outcome — without ever getting on a ladder and without paying a pro. But a year ago I copied down a self-sheeting, no wiping, no squeegeeing window washing recipe from Pinterest that has changed my life. (I wish I remember where I saw it so I could give credit, but I think the magic of it is all over the place by now.)

I still use my trusty squeegee on windows inside the house and on mirrors (so much quicker than wiping!), but on the outside of the windows, this is a most wondrous thing.

Today my daughter cleaned all the windows in our house in just a few hours with this method. They look marvelous.

Please tell me how this has changed your life — and your outlook! (Get it? Outlook?)