Jessica & Chuck - Mormon WeddingEver since I was a young(er) mom, running around Boca Raton with four daughters in tow, I've heard about what I had coming. Most times we were in public I heard shrieks — from senior citizens with strong New York accents — directed at our little estrogen-heavy clan of, “Oy! The weddings! The weddings!”

At the time, I thought it was humorous. But as our children have grown, it has become serious business.

Since we are LDS, the anticipated “weddings!” aren't quite what my Jewish neighbors envisioned. Mormon weddings are much more, shall we say, practical. But they are still involved and nerve-wracking.

Last fall our oldest daughter, Jessica, got engaged to marry Chuck Richards. Now having your first child select the man with whom she'll spend the rest of eternity could be a scary proposition. In our case, it wasn't.

Chuck is an absolute gentleman. He's bright, kind, handsome, and good to the core. And he treats our daughter like a queen. When they began dating in 2009, we were impressed. The more we got to know him, the more we liked him. They are a wonderful, complimentary match. They adore each other.

Jessica and Chuck will be married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on April 27. Life is good.

But even with the complete joy in which we welcome Chuck into our family, there is so much to do to plan a dream Mormon wedding, that it can be overwhelming. In the next few weeks I'll be outlining some of the things we've done to plan and to keep within our wedding budget.

Please share your wedding successes and failures as well.