In 2003, we built our dream home and intended to stay there until we died. As time went on, however, we realized that the dream home was not in the dream location. (You know what they say about real estate!) So, in 2006, we decided to put our home on the market and move to a city that would be best for our whole family.

In June 2006 — after an intense search — we found an empty plot of land in a great family neighborhood. We bought it for cash. In January 2007, we sold our home and with the sweat (equity) and tears, we paid off the mortgage, our two auto loans, and all our consumer debt. What an amazing feeling it was to finally be debt free!

Planning the new home is a daunting task. In order to minimize expenses, we are contributing as much as possible to the work being done. We are also determined to build a home that is modern and comfortable — and environmentally sound! Both solar and geothermal power are in the future plans. Drastically lowering utility costs is an integral part of the process. We are particularly focused on using cutting-edge technologies and materials that are renewable, efficient, and low-maintenance.

As we continued to plan for the new home, however, the thought of assuming a mortgage and going back to being in debt weighed heavily on us. If only we could pay cash for the house as we did for the land! During one night of extreme insomnia, we decided to create a pay-as-you-go system for building a house.

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