Satellite ChurchMormons have this semi-annual thing called General Conference. It's a meeting for all members of the LDS church around the globe. It's held in two, 2-hour sessions on Saturday and two, 2-hour sessions on Sunday.

Since church headquarters are in Salt Lake City, the Conference Center on Temple Square in Salt Lake City is the setting and satellite feeds and video streaming is sent everywhere else.

As a child (and still today), the conference was always broadcast on a local Utah station. So General Conference Sundays (the first Sundays in both April and October) always meant sleeping in and attending church in sweatpants while sitting on the couch.

Once we moved to Florida in 1991, everything changed. Instead of a day of family room fun, it became a day of stress. The only way to listen to conference was to go to the church and watch the feed coming to the enormous satellite dish.

So twice per year, we'd head off to the church — with our passel of kids. We'd sit in a chapel so dark that there was nothing for the small kids to occupy themselves. In our stiff Sunday clothes, we'd stare at a small screen up front. For eight very long hours.

General Conference weekend soon dropped far off my list of favorite Sundays.

Over time, the enormous satellite dishes became smaller, rooftop dishes. And with that, the price plummeted.

It is no coincidence that we first got direct tv the day before a General Conference weekend.

Yesterday, Caleb (8) said, “Mom, General Conference is my favorite church!”

If you want to revel in church on the couch, look into dx3 direct tv. With the help of, you can reclaim General Conference Sunday in your sweats!