Last week I was talking to Greg at church. He and Bill would sit in the back of the library between classes and heckle everyone who came in for chalk while their wives did the work, rolled their eyes, and giggled at their husband's antics. I'd go even if I didn't need any chalk, just for the comic relief.

Even as I walked away down the hall, I heard the last joke wafting after me. “I heard that, Greg!” I called back. You could hear the snickering all the way to the Relief Society room.

On Wednesday afternoon, after singing karaoke on the porch and mowing his lawn, he climbed in his paraglider, flew to American Fork, and shot himself as his parachute drifted into an open field.

I think I can speak for all of his neighbors. We wish we had known.

Do we really do enough to surround others with love? Do we truly mourn with them and bear their burdens? Do we regard each other as brothers and sisters, worthy of the greatest effort?