When we sold the first dream home, we used the equity to pay off the mortgage, of course, but also both of our auto loans, and every drop of consumer debt we had. Being personally debt free brings amazing freedom and peace of mind. Dave Ramsey has it right when he has callers scream, “We're debt freeeeeee!”

But for most of us building a custom home involves a mortgage — and a big pile of debt.

Late one night I mulled this over, unable to sleep. Wondering if there was any way around accumulating a huge financial liability, I got up and began doing some research.

The result is a new concept in home building: Pix2Brix. We convert pixel advertising into bricks and mortar. Or stucco and stone. Or aerated concrete and metal trusses. You get the idea.

If you'd like to advertise your web site for 10 years for next to nothing, Pix2Brix is the place to start.

We're getting things underway to be ready for the official launch on Monday, June 15. If you'd like to get a jump on this new idea, come on over and take a look!