I'm just going to put this right here:

LDS Church changes temple ceremony; faithful feminists will see revisions and additions as a ‘leap forward’

While I only label myself a feminist with a lot of caveats (and typical feminists don't accept me in the fold), fairness (real fairness, not some kind of reverse dominance or reparations) has been part of my psyche since I was four years old.

Since I was endowed in 1985, the temple experience has improved incrementally. But there was still enough inequity, subordination, and intermediary stuff that it has always been difficult and somewhat painful. I have tried to overlook those things that bothered me by simply noting historical sexism, recognizing that human perceptions and biases exist among humans whether they are leaders or not, and recognizing that systemic sexism in a large institution would likely change very slowly (like most all changes). But I have still always left with the inferiority of women being affirmed.

I have not seen the new ceremony—I intend to go this week, literally as soon as possible—but what I've heard has my heart utterly rejoicing. I was not sure I would see these changes—which I have long felt were needed are correct—in my lifetime.

It takes a certain…hmmmm…chutzpah for a leader to make massive changes in an established organization rather than just continue with the status quo. Those changes will be disruptive and are likely to create pushback (thus the need for chutzpah). I haven't liked all of President Nelson's changes thus far. But, boy, this one thing will cover a world of hurt for me.

Go ahead and abolish ‘Mormon' from the lexicon, with all the costs and SEO involved (and, no, I'm still not changing my site name)! If you are able to see needs of this sort through it all, I can deal with just about anything.