Social networking is an interesting thing. I’m not sure when we got the idea that everyone would want to know what we are having for breakfast, when we are mad at our husbands, or when we have a cough…but I’ll admit I’m hooked. I’ve really quite enjoyed catching up with people, and while I occasionally delete someone or hide their comments because of their moment-by-moment commentary on their life, generally I think social networking can be used for good. Not to mention it’s just…well…fun.

Just be careful what you throw out there into the virtual universe. It doesn’t go away, people!

Just this week we have seen Gilbert Gottfried fired as the voice of the Aflac duck for tweeting inappropriate jokes about the devastation in Japan (and I read a few of the jokes and they truly were tasteless.)

Then we have the man in Detroit who lost his job with Chrysler after tweeting that we shouldn’t call ourselves the Motor City if no one can (blankety-blank) drive. Oops, stuck in traffic one day, tweet it to the world the next (it actually went out on a Chrysler account rather than his own), and you are out of a job the next. Careful out there tweeters!

And of course we cannot forget this tidbit from a few weeks ago. This poor BYU coed had her facebook page slammed after writing a letter to the editor asking why we worship Jimmer Fredette and BYU basketball. But the letter to the editor wasn’t enough — no, she had to also post on her facebook that she had written the letter. What followed was kind of hilarious and sad all at the same time. I felt bad for the girl, but quite thoroughly enjoyed the comments from people who worship at the feet of “The Jimmer.” Great entertainment.

Hey, I am all for self-expression. By all means, tell me whatever you want me to know by whatever means you’d like – just don’t be surprised when a little birdie is sitting there looking over your shoulder and singing your news to the world. Some might like your song, and some might not. Just hope that those who don’t like it have no power over things like, say, your career.