Curtain RodsNow that the construction on our custom home is complete, we are working hard to decorate and furnish every room. It's a time consuming process, but I found a site that offers great prices on a lot of the basics we need. The Bed Bath Store offers bedding, bath accessories, curtains, rugs, home decor, storage solutions, and even furniture. Below are some of the many house details we are working on now.


With eight bedrooms to fill — and new bed sizes in most rooms — we have a lot of bedding to buy and beds to dress. Last night I realized that I need to buy thirty-two pillows just to fill out the headboards! High quality at a great price is required!

I found some gorgeous new bedding by Textrade at the Bed Bath Store. This elegant brown bedding would be perfect in the guest bedroom. It feels like a luxury hotel and it's neutral so that any gender or age would feel comfortable. They also have some gorgeous greens, which is very popular right now.

Curtain Rods

Often when building a home you don't think about all the small things that you'll have to do to make it livable. Most previously owned homes already have blinds and/curtains. Your new home, like ours, will come with wide open, bare windows that will need to be covered. Fast!

There are some great new products by The Merchant Source that will nicely assist us in getting some privacy. The curtain rods come in a number of finishes to match your decor: bronze, gold, white. We'll be lookingfort nickel — to match the bulk of the hardware in the house — and something slightly modern. I especially like the Moderno Sphere and the Bubbles style is very fun.

Best of all, each style comes in a variety of size ranges to fit any size windows. Easy to order.

Kids Furnishings

When you have young children, it's particularly fun to furnish their rooms with furniture sized to fit them. There are some playful new products by Fun Furnishings that would be a wonderful addition to Caleb's bedroom or the playroom. They have chairs, sofas, beanbags, and more.

If you haven't already done this, just show child-sized furniture to your children. They are absolutely drawn to it. There's just something about grown up stuff made specifically for children.