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Saturday Morning Session

Dallin H. Oaks

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The best guide you can possibly have for making choices is Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear more about following Christ directly.

For the Strength of Youth: live in a higher, holier, more mature way.

I've heard some of the revisions and, so far, like what I've heard.

New and improved For the Strength of Youth!

Tracy Y. Browning

Loved her analogy about wearing glasses and the clarity of the gospel of Christ.

Tracy Y. Browning

Both Browning and Uchtdorf touched on an idea I've had this past month:

We spend more time navigating how to be good Mormons than we do in learning how to be true disciples of Christ).

Alison Moore Smith

Dale G. Renland

Hat tip to Elder Uchtdorf.

I agree that only the prophet receives revelation for the church as a whole. My long-term issue is what qualifies as revelation and how decisions of leadership are presented.

Sam and I are working on an essay with regard to our thoughts on types of revelation. (Hint: I think we use the term to liberally and in a self-serving way.)

The church attendance story missed the mark. The church chose, pre-emtively to close churches, temples, missions. And when they did so, they did not give blanket authorization for sacrament administration. Fear and political correctness took priority over fellowship and renewing of covenants (as well as receiving saving ordinances, proxy work, and missionary work).

After two years of teaching people that church attendance wasn't a priority, demanding that someone who learned from experience that they could be close to the spirit without going to church, seems problematic.

Rafael E. Pino

“New normal” should be embracing Jesus Christ. Love this!

Hugo Montoya

My name is Hugo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Alison Moore Smith

Ronald A. Rasband

Russel M. Nelson

The Savior will not tolerate abuse and as His disciples neither can we.

Saturday Afternoon Session

Russel M. Nelson

Kristin M. Yee

Paul V. Johnson

Ulisses Soares

Equally relevant in specific roles. “Companion who walks shoulder to shoulder in full partnership.”

We are all alike unto God.

I don't think these things mean what they think they mean.

No greater opportunities in the eternities. Do not position yourself as president or vice president.

Stop using the term “preside.” Does anyone know what that means?

There is no superiority nor inferiority in the marriage relationship, and neither walks ahead of or behind the other. They walk side by side as equals, the divine offspring of God. They become one in thought, desire, and purpose with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, leading and guiding the family unit together.

James W. McConkie

When I served as X…we were amazing and changed everything for everyone.

With God nothing is impossible.

Jorge F. Zeballos

D. Todd Christofferson

No racism or tribalism. Be one.

What about sexism? I'll keep asking all my life.


Saturday Evening Session

Gérald Caussé

Michelle D. Craig

Kevin W. Pearson

Denelson Silva

Neil L. Andersen

Anyone else notice that there was one women speaking in each session so far? Hopefully this patter will continue tomorrow and increase in the future.

Sunday Morning Session

Jefferey R. Holland

Cross and LDS sentiment.

Iconography of the cross to be reiterated. I love Elder Holland and his humanity and humore. Still, I am kind of taken aback. Has this not been explained ad nauseam? Maybe people don't know, but does it matter so much?

With the utter chaos and serious evil in the world, is this the focus we need to be most concerned with? it's not a doctrinal issue. No one will be condemned for…I'm not even sure what we are condemning? We hang paintings of the cross and Christ on the cross. Is it just jewelry or putting them on churches that are are discouraging?

Why can't we wear something to remind us of the cross we are taking up to follow Christ? Why is that worse than the symbols we literally wear on our garments? I don't understand the need to eschew the wearing of a cross on a necklace, whilst demanding we wear literal masonic symbols on our garments. They are also reminders of our covenants.

Consequences of decisions that are being made. This part was relevant, though brief. Tempering sexual desires is a real cross to bear for those who follow Christ. But giving up a cross necklace to follow Christ? I don't get it.

And, no, I don't have a single piece of jewelry that has a cross. I do have a scripture Christmas tree that has a single cross ornament. Is that also wrong?

The atonement is the chief doctrine.

J. Annette Dennis

Example of Savior administering to others.

Mutual relationship of love, lifting burdens of others. Have charity.

The mental health issue she addressed is interesting and familiar. The problem I see in our culture (US generally, not church alone), is that the mental health community has nudged more and more into demands about providing “charity” to those with mental health issues (who doesn't have these?) without regard for those being given the unending expectations.

Consideration to all and measures of self-reliance and crucial.

God can make the expectations into joy.

Seek to empathize with others. This is not demanding that others empathize with you. It is a personal call to action.

Stay on the covenant path. It would be helpful to review the covenants regularly. (Personally, I do this better when not doing proxy work, as there is so much going.)

Garrit W. Gong

Happy and forever. True and enduring joy are the essence of happiness.

Do not procrastinate repentance or pre-plan sin and expect easy forgiveness.

Savior is our mediator with God.

We are to forgive all. Judge less; forgive more.

Happy and forever do not mean that every relationship will be happy and forever.

Joseph W. Sitati

Pattern to know you are not deceived.

All things denote there is a supreme creator.

Strive to be meek and lowly in heart. Humility before God is foundational for disciples.

Stephen J. Lund

Spiritually corrosive environment must be countered by activities that keep us spiritually strong.

Isolated spiritual experiences are so great. But the are hard to sustain in the “real world.” I went to Education Week every year for many years. I came back a changed person…for about two weeks. Real life and real responsibilities can be overwhelming. Few of us can immerse ourselves in gospel study all day, every day. Instead, we need to learn to bring Christ into the regular, mundane, trials, and everyday life.

Did anyone else just love the personal, human delivery of this speech?

David A. Bednar

Many are called, but few are chosen. Choose to be chosen by righteous exercise of moral agency.

Russell M. Nelson

Rest unto your souls. My yoke is easy. My burden is light.

Making and keeping covenants makes life easier. This obviously must be qualified. It doesn't always make it easier. Ultimately, or eternally, it does (maybe?). But “access to higher power” is a nebulous thing.

Is it really “easier” to be a god than to hang out in the telestial kingdom?

Faith in Christ increases resistance to sin.

Yolk yourself to Christ. He has the power to life you above the pull of this world.

God can make a lot more out of your life than you can alone. ~Ezra Taft Benson (paraphrase)

In coming days, we will see the greatest manifestations of the Savior’s power that the world has ever seen. Between now and the time he returns ‘with power and great glory,’ he will bestow countless privileges, blessings and miracles upon the faithful.

Sunday Afternoon Session

Henry B. Eyring

Encouragement for others to have faith in Christ.

Meekness as evidence of strength of faith.

Another guy

Another guy

Try the virtue of the word of God in our lives.

Gary E. Stevenson

Learned not to be embarrassed to share his testimony.

Oaks said we must take the sacrament each week. (Then why did we shut down sacrament meeting without giving blanket permission to prepare the sacrament at home?)

Each time you bear vocal witness or demonstrate thourhg your actions your commitment to follow Jesus Christ, you invite others to “come unto Christ.”

Isaac K. Morrison

Focus on the plan of salvation. We can feel joy in spite of what is happening in our lives. All that is not right can be redeemed by the atonement.

Jesus Christ learned obedience through the things that he experienced and sacrificed.

Quentin L. Cook

Abuse is not to be tolerated.

Contention and verbal abuse related to societal issues.

Take charge of your testimony.

Russell M. Nelson

President Nelson has closed every regular session. Four talks. I know some people are hankering for more from the prophet, whoever that is at the time, at every conference. I kind of like a wide variety of perspectives and don't really understand the need for repeated talks. I don't think that's typical (although more than one is), but I haven't verified that.

It makes me wonder if this will be his last conference. Not meant to be morbid speculation, but he's the oldest modern day prophet ever and had to sit to speak this time. He still seems healthy, however. His last sentence was poignant and emotional.

Watching the Book of Mormon series clip. Being a bit involved in the Utah film industry, I've seen some things about the production—although everyone in my family is far too pasty white to be considered. I've heard (mostly from those serving as extras, some traveling from far away at their own expense) that it's pretty chaotic. Still, I'm glad they are doing the series. I wish we could convince The Chosen folks to do the series. It's so good and it's my Jesus. Anyway…















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Well, we had one female speaker in three of the four regular sessions. One in the Saturday night session. Better than usual. I think there's only been one other time when we've had three females in regular sessions. We almost made one per session this year.