I didn't live blog Saturday's session. Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments about it as well.

Can we just note that worldwide deaths this year are on par with the past couple of years? People die. Same as always. Can we stop talking about this particular virus and get on with life?

Morning Session

M. Russel Ballard

Bad stuff happening. “Peaceful protests.” 🤣

Humble yourselves.

God answers in his own way, in his own time.

President Lisa Harkness

Why are you so fearful? Where is your faith?

Christ teaches us how to be calm amidst chaos.

Do not let your fears defeat your faith.

Elder Ulisses Soares

Constant personal effort and reliance on the savior. Fighting against temptation takes a lifetime, but the Lord is ready to assist us and promises remarkable blessings.

Blessed with additional power to deal with situations and capacity to feel joy.

Elder Carlos A. Godoy

Angels in our lives.

Elder Neil L. Andersen

How to respond to changing world? Do not neglect faith.

More deeply study the references to the name Jesus Christ in the topical guide.

Christians need to speak more of Christ; others are speaking less.

Testimony and all our worship should point to Christ.

Does it seem odd to anyone else that someone would go to testimony meeting, count the number of testimonies given, and then report disapproval of them? If you think testimonies aren't to your liking, get off the pew and give the kind you think is appropriate.

Rejoice with shared faith in Jesus Christ. Believers will need support of other believers.

President Russell M. Nelson

Myopic. Stop, think, heal. Expand my perspective and seek the eternal. There is a divine plan.

To whom will we be lead when God prevails in the lives of others?

The gospel net is expansive.

God's favor is not dependent upon the color of skin.

As a young child, I disagreed with the still-in-place policies of temple/priesthood bans. I said it made no sense (and, to their credit, my parents never, ever defended it). Because it's just freaking color. As someone who was constantly mocked for the color of my hair, I could never understand why some cared so much about color. I still don't. I almost never encounter racism face to face. But it's just baffling to me. Not to mention that skin color is on an enormous spectrum with tiny increments. It's easy to see that I'm pasty white and freckled, but who even knows what “race” most people are? Makes no sense to me.

Sunday Afternoon Session

President Henry B. Eyring

Eating tacos…so no notes.

Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi


Netherlands where my daddy served a three-year mission.

Be of good cheer, don't be of good fear!

Elder Gary E. Stevenson

Missionaries not permitted to attend conference where President Kimball announced the Tokyo temple.

[“Good citizens and good neighbors” do not need to do irrational things. The number of deaths worldwide is on track to be the same as the past couple of years. Shock. Life is risky. People die.]

[People making “hundreds of masks for healthcare workers” are not actually helping.]

[Apparently this is going to be a bunch of my asides. I really dislike very specific anecdotes used as some kind of evidence of…I don't know what. The missionary who miraculously had the temple open JUST IN TIME to receive her endowments, for example While thousands did not have that “miracle.” And thousands are not healed. And thousands are being trafficked. How is that actually evidence of God's personal help?]

“Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel…then why not every man.”

Elder Milton da roca Carmargo

Lord hears and answers prayers. Pray about your concerns and longings of your heart. He who asks will receive.

[Literally got a text during this talk from a friend suffering from extreme depression and anxiety, for years now. Why doesn't God answer her prayers for relief? Is she not good enough? Is she not righteous enough? Does she not know how to pray correctly?]

I am here. I love you. Do your best. I support you.

President Russell M. Nelson

OK, Lindon, Utah, on the map.