The Bottom Line on Integrity

This book is a newer version/rewrite of my favorite book:

Is Lying Sometimes the Right Thing for an Honest Person to Do?: How Self-Interest and the Competitive Business World Distort Our Moral Values and What We Should Do About It

By Quinn McKay

Long-time motivational speaker and corporate consultant Quinn McKay, has distilled his lifetime investigation of business integrity into a single volume. McKay offers business people twelve keys to both help them recognize situations where they must protect their integrity, and also solve the dilemma many of us encounter when our personal ethics and business ethics conflict. McKay's conversational style makes this a thorough, thought-provoking read. With case studies, examples, and questions that examine common business practices, it's a perfect tool for generating discussion and is a must read office manual.

Some of these keys include: Rise above the prattle of preachy platitudes that feed self deception Be alert to incremental morality Recognize pressure is a major determinant of honesty Realize everyone lives by 2 different ethical standards Allow that lying is sometimes the right thing to do Acknowledge the conflict of living the golden rule in a competitive world Learn the law of obligation Quinn McKay is a former professor at Brigham Young University and is a frequent motivational speaker. He lives in Utah with his family.