As the summer Young Women Camp season approaches, I am thrown back into my days as the ward/stake/universe camp director. (Better than scouting. But not by much.)

While I served in Young Women the church policy changed to allow only one fundraiser per year for the youth. (And, yes, the “scout” fundraisers didn't count in the tally. And, yes, that bugged me. But that's another post.) The counsel has also been to first look to the ward budget and, second, to the girls raising their own money. Then you can look to approved fundraising. In some units, funding won't pay for a camp and having the girls try to raise it is really unfeasible.

So, I thought I'd gather up a great list of fundraising ideas for the archives. I'll list those I've seen and please add your own in the archives!

Garden Annual Sales

Arrange with a local nursery or plant wholesaler to provide you with a discounted bulk plant buy. Take orders and payment in advance for annuals (we did both flowers and veggies). Deliver to families upon arrival.

Service Auction

Girls volunteer services. Ware members bid on the services offered. Our girls offered things such as: babysitting; ironing; cleaning; summer sports camp; gymnastics lessons; art lessons; tutoring; etc. (Make sure they follow through and provide the services or the ward won't be so keen to bid next year!)

Catered Dinner

Find a restaurant or caterer who will donate or discount a meal. Then have a big dinner night in the cultural hall where everyone pays a set fee. Allow extra donations, too. Provide great service and entertainment while everyone eats. Our dinner fundraisers ranged from homemade spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread, all the way up to serious gourmet fare from a country club

Cake Sales

For a couple of years we made special Father's Day cakes (that looked like a shirt with a tie). We charged $10 per cake and the girls made them. They were quite a hit.

Prepared Foods

Many companies offer prepared food product for sale. One year the scouts in my ward sold popcorn. I've also seen cookie dough fundraising and candy bar fundraisers. There are lots to chose from.

Product Sales

There are all sorts of companies with fundraising ideas and offerings. I've seen or been involved in sales of candles, magazines, wrapping paper, greeting cards, etc. I currently have some discount cards for local establishments that I bought from a neighbor. The actually provided a good deal to us, so I was happy to purchase from her.

Years ago in an email list, someone suggested that the U.S. Department of Education might give learning grants for summer camps. That's probably not going to fly for Young Women camp, but lets hear your most creative and tested Young Women Camp fundraiser ideas!